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Editorial Jacaranda

Editorial Jacaranda is a publishing company specializing in bringing fantastical books into the Spanish-speaking market. We find stories that are hidden from plain sight and make them accessible to a large audience that thirsts for these stories. We want to make these readers find exciting adventures that move their imaginations, minds, and hearts.


We work to acquire book licenses from around the world to make them available to an immense amount of readers who look for stories that are unique and beyond commonplace.
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We work with translators to bring these stories into the Spanish-speaking market.
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We prepare our books in the best quality to be easy to read and accessible.
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We look for the most modern and innovative methods to publish and market our books to make our books available and profitable.
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Who We Are

Collaborating with our partners in Grupo Jacaranda, you will work with us to bring your stories into the Spanish-speaking market.

Our mission  We set out to bring fantastical stories and content that entertain as well as enlighten its readers by making them accessible to the Spanish-speaking market.

Our vision – We seek to become the number 1 source of moving and entertaining written content in the Spanish-speaking market worldwide.

Projects Delivered

Our Values



We want to bring creative ideas into the eyes of readers that look for something beyond the commonplace.



We bring stories that shine forth the humanity of all people and the values that inspire readers to aspire for greatness.



We look for innovative stories, but also for innovative methods to make these stories accessible to readers of all places and fruitful to all.



We live by our values and wish to inspire our readers through our stories and our example.

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail with your information to begin our relationship and bring your story or content to the Spanish-speaking market.

Getting your story and content to the market in an innovative and profitable way is our goal. Due to our team’s workload, our response times may vary but we will reply as soon as possible.


Consult Me!

Highly Qualified Team


José Antonio García Verduzco

Co-Founder, CEO

With more than seven years negotiating within the Asian market, José (MBA) has developed the knowledge and skills to coordinate projects and negotiations in the continent and bring benefits to both parties.
Luis carlos (1)

Luis Carlos García Verduzco

Co-Founder, COO

With experience in Asia and other international markets, Luis Carlos (MBA) has found how to bring the magic of other places of the world into Spanish-speaking countries so that they can also enjoy it.

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We are looking forward to start working with you.

Even though we prefer e-mail, you may contact us through our phone number or by visiting our offices through a scheduled appointment.


Av, Malinche #22, Gabilondo

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


Business Hours

Mon – Fri …… 8 am – 6 pm
Sat, Sun …… Closed


+52 (664) 3311346

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